Our services cover the full range of needs of a community of owners.
In addition to our staff, we have collaborative programs with all kinds of professionals to cover all the needs of their community.

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The specialization

We are specialists in Communities of Owners, our services cover the full range of needs of a community of neighbors, and for that we not only have our own staff intercala perfectly formed to meet all your needs, but we have specific programs of collaboration with all kinds of professionals.

intercala always looking for the best quality / price for its customers, the latter being those that assess and decide on whether or not to hire or continue with such suppliers.

Our management system allows us to adapt to the particular requirements of each customer, and the customer is the one who values the quality of service and degree of satisfaction.


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Personal attention

Personal attention is one of our keys to be more competitive.
In intersperses we are always available, always we call, always informed, there is no excuse to serve you and give you a friendly, proper and quick treatment.

icono solucion de problemas

Problem solving

One of our goals is the solution of problems of any kind related to a Community of Owners. Repairs, accidents, building maintenance, control services provided, delinquency, neighborhood relations, fulfillments of statutes, rules, regulations and etc. of actions aimed at solving their problems.
For all these services processes and specific software for the administration and management of a condominium, so that any owner can access the corresponding incidence and track such impact if desired used.

icono gestion financiera

Financial management

Our economic-financial management is simply unbeatable:

  • any error is not supported in the corresponding process.
  • We work in real time.
  • Reference is made monthly economic reports.
  • We control the state debt.
And all this information is available monthly in our virtual office, so that any community owner can consult via internet coming from our website.
Our economic management professionals watch for the balance of the community this sanitized, fulfilling all legal and operational requirements for the proper functioning of the community.

icono asesoria juridica

Legal consulting

In intersperses we have free legal advice through which you can perform the necessary legal consultations related to their community:
  • Debt Recovery
  • Construction defects
  • Resolutions of general meetings
  • Claim between neighbors
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Compliance with ordinances
  • etc.
icono oficina virtual

Virtual office

From our virtual office hosted on the website of interleaves you can make arrangements of all kinds:
  • Incidences
  • Check your balance with the Community
  • Consultation monthly economic reports
  • View statutes
  • Consult the rules of regime inside
  • Certificate request
  • Request change of direct debit
  • Consultation of records of meetings
  • Calls for proposals
  • Etc.
icono otros servicios

Other services

In general, our services encompass all actions necessary to comply with the provisions of article 20 of the law of Horizontal property where it is established that it corresponds to the administrator:

  • Ensure the good regime of the House, its facilities and services and these effects make timely warnings and injunctions to holders.
  • Prepare with the due advance and submit to the Board the plan of expenses predictable, proposing them media necessary to make facing them same.
  • Pay attention to conservation and the home entertainment, providing repairs and measures that are urgent, giving immediate account of them to the President or, in his case, owners.
  • Execute the agreements adopted in the field of works and payments and make payments that are coming.
  • Act, where appropriate, as Secretary of the Board and guarding the community documentation available to holders.
  • All them other powers that will confer by the Board.
All services offered are guaranteed through civil liability insurance.