Community Administration

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Our experience of over 20 years of managing mixed nationality communities has shown us that each community has specific features that make them unique. We, therefore, understand that good community administration must be adapted to the needs of each individual community. Our target is simple, to maintain healthy, well-run, financially viable communities, so owners can relax knowing that their homes and investments are in safe hands. Below we have outlined the generally areas which constitute our main duties.

Firstly, the administration must be responsible for all Community matters, following the guidelines set out in Annual Meetings and by its President. The Administration office must be accessible and available to the owners and the Board of Governors to ensure that the Community functions properly.

Secondly, the communication between the owners and the Administration must adapt to the needs of each community, and always under the supervision of the Board of Governors.

Thirdly, we believe that owners must encourage their administration to provide the best service at the best price, so that whilst you are enjoying your property, your investment increases. Therefore the following points are a fundamental part of the Administrator’s duties:

  • To study the specific requirements of the community, in order to get the best quality/price.
  • The appropriate choice of services and maintenance work which is to be carried out in the Community, ensuring the most economic options.
  • Identification of areas where preventative maintenance can help avoid future expense and inconvenience.
This, together with other routine duties which we detail below, will result in a well maintained community which functions perfectly, which certainly is the goal that all communities must achieve.

The collection of community fees is of great importance in the performance of a community and we have verified that establishing proper procedures and maintaining personal contact with owners will greatly reduce the number of debtors.

Another significant matter in achieving peace and well-being for owners is the role of the Administration as an arbitrator and conciliator between potential conflicts of interest that arise between owners. It is often ignorance of legal regulations that apply to each situation which can lead to undesirable situations and which could have been avoided with proper mediation and counselling.


Transparency, veracity and efficiency

The status of the community accounts is one of the main aspects to be considered and in this sense; Intercala Asesores SL carries out double entry accounting for your community in accordance to the peculiarities and legal requirements of the the Spanish Account Plan that exist for larger companies. All this is done in order to avoid any surprises arising from ignorance of the actual financial status of the community.

In fact, the comprehensiveness, accuracy and transparency of our accounts distinguish us.

We believe that is not enough to keep accounts that appear to reflect payments and receipts, but that you have to account for and monitor forecasts, depreciation, credits and debts to third parties which are pending maturity, etc.

Based on this we undertake the following action:

  • Financial Reports presented to Meetings, previously audited.
  • Invoicing and collection of community fees, at intervals determined at the General Meeting.
  • Finalising the Community’s general accounts and presenting them to Committee Members.
  • Preparing and sending owners the Community accounts, as per the schedule established at the Meetings, which includes the analysis of:
    • Total fees received.
    • List of debtors.
    • Monthly expenses.
    • Accumulated expenses.
    • Income against Expenditure.
    • Current expenditure against the previous year’s.
    • Expense forecast.

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The preparation of a budget based on current and the previous year’s income and expenses, and estimates received for different jobs.

Apart from the above, and another way in which our company distinguishes is to have all community documents are available to any Community owner who wishes to see them, they can be seen at our La Cala office without an appointment, thus ensuring full transparency and reliability of the community’s financial status and accounts.


Transparency, disponibilidad and effective safe custody of the documents.
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In relation to secretarial matters, these would be our principal duties:

  • Preparation and distribution of the summons for Meetings, whether they be Annual or Extraordinary.
  • Attendance at General Meetings, Annual or Extraordinary.
  • Preparation and distribution of the Minutes of the various Meetings.
  • Legalising, updating and safe-keeping of the Official Community Minutes Books.
  • Attendance at Community Committee meetings, registering agreements and if necessary sending out to owners.
  • Detailed monitoring of payment of community fees, including personal correspondence with the owners and any other action aimed at their recovery.
  • Preparation and distribution of communications from the President to the owners.
  • Maintenance, updating and safe-keeping of the registry of owners.
  • Filing and safe-keeping of all Community documents of the Community.
All documents will be prepared in English &/or Spanish.


Maintenance & Improvements


We constantly monitor and control our communities with activities such as:

  • Regular visits to the community accompanying President or another designated person.
  • Negotiation and supervision of the work carried out by maintenance subcontractors.
  • Negotiating with suppliers and controlling the delivery of goods and services.
  • Informing the President/Committee of any deficiencies detected in the Community, and presenting possible solutions after obtaining reports from competent sources and quotations.
  • Presentation and analysis with the Presidents/Committees of new ideas and alternatives for:
    • Improving profitability of existing services.
    • The implementation of new services to improve the community.
    • Reduction or elimination of ineffective or unprofitable services.
Communication with owners in case of observing any abnormality around their property.

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Legal & Financial

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Compliance with all the requirements for Community Administrators as stated in Horizontal Property Law.

Providing information and legal advice to the community.

Our lawyer, Mr. José Luis Navarro Rosado, offers one free consultation to individual owners who also require legal advice.

The coordination of legal action against defaulters.

Community representation in all legal instances, regional, municipal, courts, notaries, income tax, etc.

We also provide additional private assistance to individual owners in the community, incorporated in our current management fees, including:

  • Legal advise.
  • Telephonic co-ordination of incidents with utilities such as the electricity, water and telephone companies.
  • Information and telephone management with regards to Municipal taxes.

Other matters


Owners will be greeted by our competent team who are fluent in English. Should it be necessary an interpretation service will be provided for other languages, available by appointment only.

We have an emergency contact number for any eventuality that may occur outside of office hours.

We are sure that all owners who have invested in their homes deserve an administration that gives them the assurance that their investments are properly attended and managed.